Let's Have You Decide

Customize the Look of Our Staffing Services


Choose from the following uniforms:


Common for Weddings, Formal Dinners, Holiday Parties and Corporate Events.
• White Long Sleeve Button Down. Black Tie. Black Slack/Black Knee-Length Pencil Skirt With Hosiery, Black Belt and Black Closed-Toe Shoe.
• Black Vest is Optional for More Formal Events.
• Black Apron Optional


Common for Birthday Parties, Super Bowl, Backyard Events, Baby Showers, BBQ

• Option 1 | Black Polo. Dark Denim. Black Belt and Black Closed-Toe Shoe
• Option 2 | White Polo, Khaki Pants. Brown Belt and Brown Closed-Toe Shoe

Choose from Different Characteristics: Don’t Be Shy! Be Picky…

• Young/ Mature
• All Female Staff
• All Male Staff
• Classic (No Tattoos or Piercings)
• Edgy – (Tattoos, Piercings Welcome)
• Outgoing (More Talkative Presence to Guests)
• Conservative (Not Communicative to Guests. Just Working)
• Tall
• Petite
• Attractive
• Feminine
• Age Range
• Kid Friendly
• Wine Knowledge
• Cheese Knowledge
• Decorative Eye
• Fine Dining Specialist
• Bi-lingual
• Kosher Knowledge

All our staff is trained to be tolerant and respectful of all groups of people. We acknowledge a lot of our events have attendees in the public eye, so all our staff members sign a non-disclosure contract before working an event in order to protect everyone’s privacy. Our staff is not permitted to solicit guests for business or personal advantages.

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